It Just Dawned On Me

The sky was blue, blue….you know what I mean…somewhere between the shades of robin’s egg and cerulean. It was the soft color of a mid spring morning, dotted only with white cotton ball clouds. The grass was bright, the brown of winter long gone. Dandelions were scattered across the carpet of green. On this day, even the weeds looked beautiful. The birds chirped loudly as they stayed just out of reach of the dogs, who were wild for the chase.

The walk up the driveway from the mailbox was inspiring. A beautiful spring photograph captured in the moment.





Today I am thankful for:

*warm blankets on the bed *pushing snooze on the alarm clock *warm sunshine *walking with the dogs *ice cold bottled water *a clean house *new flower seed packets *dandelions on emerald green *a daughter in days leading up to her high school graduation *a son arriving home…

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