Why am I running?

Ever on & on

I’m returning from a little blogging hiatus (that ran a bit longer than intended). Here’s a photo from one of the reasons for the disruption.

20150218_184244_Pano Puente Nuevo & the hills surrounding Ronda (Feb 2015)

Last month, Dr. 24Hours and I took a trip to Spain. It was supposed to be an 8-day stay that extended to 9, thanks to inclement weather on the U.S. East Coast “stranding” us in Madrid another 24 hours.

It took some time to recover from jet lag, etc. Then some time went into a Wikipedia edit-a-thon for Women’s History Month.

I’m picking up my series on changing career paths (part 1 here). But first a quick post on another topic, one that’s part of a reason I don’t blog more frequently.

Jennifer Polk, a career coach working with grad students and PhDs, hosts a twice-monthly Twitter chat #withaPhD. This week the topic was “balance”…

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