World War III May have Already Begun: U.S. Empire vs. Russia, China and North Korea


Source: Natural News, by J. D. Heyes

Military historians have said that the world stumbled into World War I, while it ran headlong into World War II. How will World War III begin?

It may have started already.

A few geopolitical observers think World War III began when the United States and much of the West launched military campaigns against militant Islam. Both President Bush and President Obama have warned the American people that the fight against radical Islam would take years to prosecute.

But what of the great powers ostensibly aligned against the West — Russia, China and, as Sony Pictures Entertainment saw in recent days, North Korea? Are they preparing to take on the old world order aligned by and under the ultimate victor in the last world war?

Some people think so. A recent piece in The Week observed that, in recent months, the Chinese government…

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